Tired of Receiving Unwanted Telephone Calls or Texts From Telemarketers and Other Companies On Your Cell Phone?

Are you tired of receiving harassing calls or texts on your cell phone from telemarketers and companies trying to sell you products or services that you are not interested in receiving? Are you tired of having to pay your cell service provider for those unwanted calls and texts? Did you know that these telemarketers and other companies are violating federal privacy laws by calling or texting your cell phone and violating your privacy rights by making these unwanted "robocalls" or by sending unwanted "robotexts"?

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act ("TCPA") is a federal law that offers you protections from unwanted telemarketing calls or text messages that have been made to your cell phone. The TCPA also protects you from receiving unwanted faxes.

Consumers whose TCPA rights have been violated can be awarded actual damages or $500 per call or text- and triple that ($1500) if the sender knowingly and willfully violated the TCPA.

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