Software Defects

Software runs on nearly every consumer product that you might have purchased. From children's toys, to your microwave, to the electronics controlling your car's brakes, software is an integral part of a product's ability to function properly. When the software fails, however, consumers are stuck with a malfunctioning product.

At Paradis Law Group, PLLC, our software defect lawyers have extensive experience representing people that have suffered economic harm as a result of defective consumer products. By working with industry experts, software specialists and our engineers, we can get a clear indication of what went wrong and why. Clients rely on our firm for thorough research, diligent investigation and a nearly unparalleled devotion to attention to detail.

Defective Product Software Lawyers

Software might sound like a hi-tech term, but it truly forms the backbone of nearly every electronic item in your house or car. Software refers to the code that gives instructions and directions to products. From your cellphone, to your power drill, to your microwave, to your washing machine and beyond, software is the coding that allows your product to perform. If the software is not written correctly, or not installed correctly, then your product can malfunction — or simply not function at all.

If you own an electronic product that has stopped working due to faulty software, we invite you to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys. By helping clients nationwide, we provide legal services to a wide range of individuals.