Mislabeled Food Products

Consumers purchase food products with the belief that a product's packaging is accurate, and fairly represents the food, itself. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) carefully regulates some statements on food products, but does not regulate others. Additionally, it is not uncommon for foods claiming to be "all natural" to contain numerous additives, preservatives or other synthetic components. If you have lost money because you purchased a food product that was mislabeled, schedule a free consultation with an attorney at our office as soon as possible.

The mislabeled food product lawyers at Paradis Law Group, PLLC, have built a long history of success while handling a wide variety of cases. We have dedicated a significant portion of our firm's resources to representing clients in class-action lawsuits. We are proud to aggressively pursue monetary compensation while holding those responsible for their actions.

False Labeling Claims

Many individuals pay special attention to food labels. These people might be concerned about allergens, following a strict medical diet or the health and welfare of their young children. In any event, these people need to know exactly what chemicals their food might contain.

A common misconception is that food labeled "all natural" goes through a rigorous testing process to ensure the absence of synthetic materials or ingredients. This is not true. Most people are willing to pay a premium for all-natural food, but there is no guarantee that the food is actually "all natural." If you believe you are the victim of false, misleading or fraudulent food labels, schedule a consultation at our firm as soon as possible. While headquartered in New York, our firm maintains a nationwide focus in class-action lawsuits.