Class Action Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What is a class action?

A class action is a lawsuit brought by people with similar complaints generally against a business or a large corporation. Class actions enable small groups of people to fight against large corporations in situations where a lawsuit brought by an individual, alone, may not be economically feasible.

I am one person with a small claim. Can I bring a class action?

Yes. Class actions are specifically designed to be brought by one or more people with small claims on behalf of a larger group of people with similar individual claims.

Why should I be involved in a class action?

By participating in a class action, you will be able to demonstrate to the court that a substantial wrong has occurred and that a large number of people have been impacted. Additionally, by participating in a class action, you will be helping hold large businesses and corporations accountable for the wrongs that have been committed.

Can any case be brought as a class action?

No. A class action is proper only where the issues common to the class outweigh the issues which are unique to individual members of the class.

How can I discuss a potential class action or a pending case with an attorney?

If you wish to discuss a potential class action, call the Paradis Law Group, PLLC at 800-787-8954. We offer a free, confidential consultation to potential clients.

How much does it cost to join a class action?

Nothing. We work on a contingency fee basis and only get paid by an order of the court if the case is successful. In addition, we will advance expenses and costs associated with prosecuting class cases.

What kind of money will I receive in the class action is successfully resolved?

Every case is unique and we could not possibly make any predictions until the class action is well through the litigation process. Some cases may be dismissed, while other may settle. A settlement may involve: (i) a payment of cash; (ii) a non-cash component; or (iii) a combination of both.

How long does it take for a class action to be resolved?

There is no set amount of time in which a class action may be resolved. In our experience, a typical class action takes approximately two to three years from the time the complaint is filed until a case concludes either by settlement or dismissal.

How will you keep me informed during the course of the lawsuit?

You will be notified either by mail or email of any significant developments during the course of the litigation. We also invite you to call the Paradis Law Group, PLLC, toll-free, at 800-787-8954 to discuss the status of a class action.

If I have information relative to a pending case, what should I do?

Please call the Paradis Law Group, PLLC at 800-787-8954 or email us to discuss any information that you have on a pending case.

How are the attorneys paid in class actions?

The attorneys generally are paid in connection with an order by the judge in charge of the case, and then only if the case is successful. The amount of the fees awarded by the judge is based upon a number of factors, including the quality of the work, the difficulty of the case, the amount of time spent on the case, and the results obtained. This amount could be up to 20-33% of the total amount of a settlement or judgment.